Unlock your team’s potential with world class assessments and coaching.

Today’s leaders have a lot on their plates. From talent management, assessing, and training employees to be aligned with the company’s strategic plan. HumanLytics specializes in workforces by uncovering their personal motivation. We help transform your organization with our human-centric, data-driven insights.

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Achieve a well tuned workforce with our human centric solutions.

Job Targeting

Hire the best fit, faster. Combine powerful recruiting software with 60 years of behavioral science to make the right hires-with confidence.

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Behavioral Assessment

Understand workplace behaviors so that you can predict the drives and motivations of others, be a better manager and lead more effectively.

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Cognitive Testing

The cognitive assessment measures our capacity to learn, adapt, and quickly grasp new concepts in the workplace to best prepare for the future.

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Executive Coaching

Create a high-performing team with our professional coaching solutions for optimum results for workplace and personal growth.

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The HumanLytics Edge

Running an organization isn’t easy. Sales initiatives, strategic plans, marketing. The most overlooked part of business leadership is PEOPLE MANAGEMENT. We understand that and we understand your team.


Of costs in an average company are spend on its employees.


Of companies have a talent strategy for the entire team.


Of employees meet and interact with thier manager on a daily basis


Of companies have the right talent to achieve their goals.

Scientific approach blended with workforce management expertise.

Empower your managers to build high-performing teams. Analyze employee engagement and have the freedom to customize your actions accordingly. Uncover and grow leadership with potential increase organizational awareness insights. Hire right the first time and find ideal employees and candidates for your business.

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